Tips on Buying Partly Worn Tyres


Everyone loves the idea of buying cheap tyres for their cars. Of course that means, there is a market for cheap car tyres, and thus, sellers too. Many people choose to buy those which have already been used partly by any prior vehicle owners. These are also called as secondhand tyres and can be bought at a very cheap rate. These are mostly imported from continental Europe. The most common type of secondhand tyres that you can lay your hands on, come from Germany which is considered as the world is leading dealer for them.

Sometimes they are even sold at 50 off compared to new tyres. It should be noted that they are still secondhand and as so one needs to consider all the pros and cons before buying them. It is very important to check with the previous owner whether they had been involved in accidents like collisions or bumps. Mostly many such tyres are involved in some or another accident and hence their price is relatively cheaper. Many companies regularly warn the prospective buyer on the dangers involving buying secondhand tyres.

The tyres should be inflated before fitting them on the vehicle. The tyres age should also be considered. There are some legal issues involving such tyres. Part worn used tyres are legitimately marketed throughout the globe. This is just feasible however when they do not have any of the complying with features. Make sure there are no 25 millimeters or longer cuts externally of the tire. See here for more information.

You can often see damage better by removing the tire and looking inside. This is only possible if it is not mounted on the rim of the wheel. Take the sides of the tire and pull them apart you can then see the inside, quite easily. There should be no granules rubber or tacks inside, you should find the pattern inside uniform. Still holding the sidewalls apart, press the tread of the tire down onto a step or other not sharp corner. Rotate the tire, it may make you dizzy but it is important to look for any damage. The secondhand tyres should have proper official markings engraved on them. It is better to be cautious and check if the tyres are really road worthy before you buy them, else you will be at a loss and loose more than you gain.

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