Make Use Of The RFID Tag For Elderly Smart Community To Live Smarter And Protected


People as they grow old will become very weak physically and mentally too. If there is no other member in the family to care of them they will go into depression and the rest is unimaginable. The old people also need as much care as required for infants and toddlers. But this is mostly unseen by the family members who are close to them. Hence it has become very difficult for any older people to lead their life lonely without anyone’s help and care.


Therefore, the technology is giving them hands to lead their older life with confidence and with more joy. The rfid標籤 is a boon for all those elder and older people. This radio frequency identification tags all the objects which are tagged by using radio waves. This technology will help the elder people live their life in a smarter way.

The 長者智能社區 is so designed so that the elders live safely and if in case of any emergency, the RFID tag will communicate to the nearer health center. Then they will immediately take care of them with all medical support. The technology developed is so user friendly that can be used by any age people with ease. This technology will also help them to read messages or a notification that is obtained in their smart phones. This way, the technology has made their lives easier. This will give them the confidence to lead their life without anyone’s help which will in turn make mentally strong. This can be used while they go use rest room also. The tag will count the number of flushes and if the flush does not happen then it will indicate an alarm sign to the nearest health center. Then they will be rushed for immediate medical support.

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