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Artificial Lawn Vs. Real Lawn

Artificial Lawn Vs. Real Lawn


So you have a yard outside and you want to install a lawn. However, you cannot decide whether to install an artificial lawn or a real lawn. Well, let’s look at few of the differences below and maybe then you can decide for yourself.

Cost: Artificial lawn costs a lot more to install than a real lawn as the former requires a lengthy process of the yard required to be dug up, a layer of sand and rubber pellets to be installed and the artificial turf placed on top of it all.

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Maintenance: The installation of real lawn may be much cheaper but it does require regular maintenance that involves mowing regularly, fighting weeds, pests and other insects, whereas, the artificial lawn requires little to no maintenance and lasts for around 20 years. It really depends on how much free time you have on your hands.

Pride factor: Although, artificial lawn is easier to install and be forgotten about, some people do not really like the idea of fake grass. The would rather stay far from it. On the other hand, people who do grow and maintain their own lawn, take utmost pride in it and a lot of people do tend appreciate the lawn where such care and effort has gone into.

Pollution: Since artificial grass is a petroleum based product, there’s a lot of pollution caused by it during the manufacturing process. It is also non-biodegradable even though it is partially made out of recycled materials. Given its long life span, it shouldnot be such a huge concern unless you’re completely against it.

Environmental impact:Real lawn requires a lot of water and fertilizers to maintain it properly and to keep it in top condition. With the artificial lawn installed, you won’t have to waste so much water, and more importantly, you will never have to buy the unnatural chemicals.

Benefits of nature: Real grass has a few good qualities that make it seem really beneficial. It has a naturally cool temperature, so it stays cool even if it’s really hot outside. Whereas, the artificial grass absorbs heat and tends to get hotter than the air outside. It has also been proven that a well maintained real lawn helps in reducing stress and other illnesses.

It seems like both the options seem very viable here. It all depends on what you want it for and how much you are willing to spend. If you’re okay with maintaining regularly and reaping the healthy benefits, then go for the real grass. Otherwise, the artificial grass is always better and cost effective. No matter what you decide, always make use of professional help such as Gainesville Lawn Service for hassle-free installations.

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